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Introduction to Health Informatics in Clinical Practice

This site has been designed with the busy practising clinician in mind, who has to constantly balance the need for more information in order to improve patient care, against the limited resources of time and attention.

This task is made even more challenging as on the whole, the exponential increase in quantity has not been matched in quality to the same degree .

Commercial interest and influence add more variables to research findings, as private companies become an ever-important source of research funding and driving force behind many research efforts.

Health Informatics systems in clinical practice can be broadly divided into Patient Administration Systems (PAS), Electronic Prescribing, Electronic Orders and Viewing of Results Systems, Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS), Electronic Health-Care Records (EHR) and Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS).

We seek to explore how health informatics can make a difference in the care of patients in clinical practice, and show some examples of the application of information systems in actual clinical practise in the Clinical Informatics section.

We have included original articles on:

in the Clinical Informatics section.

Design Process

The design process of this website were based on principles of adult learning, which include :

We have also designed a short 2 - 3 minute survey to investigate the relationship between doctors, nurses, pharmacists, allied health and other non-medical clinicians and health informatics systems in clinical practice.

There is also a public opinion poll at the end of this page on what you think is the impact of Health Informatics on Clinical Practise.


The aims of the site are:

The more responses we have from you, the more useful the results of the feedback will be for everyone. As a result of changes to the survey form based on your feedback, all the previous results will be reset to zero from the 2nd Nov 2014.

Source of Material Presented

The material used in the site comes from the author's own practise and literature reviews performed as part of a MSc in Health Informatics course. You can find the full references in the original articles posted in the Clinical Informatics section.

The need for a "Health Informatics in clinical practice" site has been brought up during many informal discussions with junior doctors and we hope you will enjoy your visit (i.e. find the site easy to use, informative and relevant).

HONcode Certification

We are proud to inform our users that as of 9th March 2011, this site has been certified by the Health On the Net Foundation team as complying with the standard for trustworthy information on the web. The link to verify this certification is available at the bottom of this page. 2016 marks the 5th year of our certification with Health On the Net Foundation.

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